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Gearheads That Inspire Us

We salute gearheads that amuse and inspire us the most with our automotive t-shirts and apparel. We know there isn’t just the love of one type of vehicle, engine or fuel source. At Diesel Underground, we appreciate and salute ALL things mechanical. Here are a few of our favorite, funny car shirts:

“Diesel Doc”

This is for those who thrive on bringing life to all project vehicles. Here's to those who know there is no such thing as too many toys!

“Diesels make me Happy... Suck, Squeeze, BANG, Blow & GO!"

“Husky Banana”

For those whose livelihood revolves around big rigs — this is for all you gear grabbing heavy haulers!

"I've got some Wattage in the Cottage Comin' in Wall to Wall and Tree Top Tall!”

“Cool Breeze”

This is for the international men of racing mystery, those whose thrill of choice is driving a muscle car. If you can relate to this quote, then you know who you are!

“True happiness is is at 36 deg BTDC”



That rare and unique 4x4 is always sought after and rarely accomplished. This salute is to those who made it happen. Take that road less traveled!

“Roads....Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads!”