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Under the Hood Vs. Behind the Wheel

Posted by Diesel Underground on

  • If you drove a hot vehicle to prom and were pulled over TWICE before you even got to the dance….you are Diesel Underground.
  • If the Snap-On Truck excites you more than porn... well that, my friend, is Diesel Underground.
  • If you are constantly telling your kids as they grow about the car you'll build together... you are Diesel Underground.
  • If you're someone who appreciates new vehicles, but really admires rebuilding and treasuring the older styles…that is Diesel Underground.
  • If you were the “grease-monkey” teenager in shop class that enjoyed taking apart and putting together car engines while the “smart” kids goofed off in study hall... Chances are, they own a Prius, while you have built a classic Camaro or other hot-rod. Screw the “smart” kids, You Are Diesel Underground!


We salute the Diesel Underground, and ever single hard-working creator of epic vehicle projects. We get it, and we get you — we made apparel to honor you! Follow us at and browse our selection of funny car shirts, perfect for any gearhead!

If you spend more time under the hood then behind the wheel of your vehicle — you know what we mean — we’ve been there and will be again, because that is Diesel Underground!

Stay tuned for some of our projects. We will share soon!