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Let me start by asking you a few questions:

---Do you stop at the sound of exhaust breaking and gaze respectfully, like it's the National Anthem?

---Does the sight of the Snap on Truck make you more excited than porn?

---Have you ever skipped a mortgage payment to buy bigger tires for your truck?

---Do you know the firing order of your engine, but you can't remember your wedding anniversary?

THAT is Diesel Underground

--Is Your drag car, mud truck, muscle car, big rig, or garage your supreme creation?

--If people don't recognize the epic amazingness, then they can keep walking?

--Do you own a vehicle that you spend more time under the hood than behind the wheel?

Then YOU, My Friend, ARE Diesel Underground

We understand that the longest relationship you've ever had is probably with your vehicle, your engine, your Diesel Underground. Wear our funny car shirts and automotive apparel with same pride we took in creating it.

--Diesel Underground was started by a husband and wife team who own a successful Marine Diesel Sales and Service business serving the Maine Coast fishing community. 

--We know a thing or two about about passion and quality. Our sweet spot may be the black, smoking, chrome piping and exhaust breaking diesels - BUT we love muscle cars, hot rods, and really ANYTHING that will go fast and is mechanically damn cool. We drove a lowered, pimped out, small block chevy to prom. We lost our license at 16 because we never got the speedometer to work and didn't care. 

--We know there isn't just the love of one type of vehicle, engine or fuel source. We made gearhead shirts and apparel that is based on the lifestyle and culture we are proud of. With Diesel Underground, you are now part of an elite few — wear this apparel with the same pride we took in creating it!